How to Select the Right Jewelry to Compliment Your Wedding Dress

It is often said that the accessories and jewelry you select complete your outfit and add subtle sophistication to your ensemble. Even some fashion conscious people will select their jewelry and accessories before they pick their outfits for the day – accessories are that important! But before you select your wedding jewelry and accessories, you should consider not only the type of wedding gown you will be wearing, but also your hairstyle, veil and formality of your wedding.

Necklace Length vs Wedding Gown

If the neckline of your wedding dress rests high on the chest (jewel, bateau, and portrait) but still reveals your neck, a choker necklace works best with these designs. A simple choker can go with virtually any wedding gown from casual to fancy evening wear and just about any neckline imaginable. A choker necklace may be made of one to three strands and is worn close to the neck. If too much skin is showing, choker necklaces may disappear, as a plunging neckline will steal the attention.

A Victorian inspired collar necklace (shorter than the choker) is made of three or more strands, which fit securely around the middle of the neck. This style works lovely with plunging V-necks, off the shoulder designs and strapless necklines.

The princess necklace works very well with almost every dress style (except high necklines). Princess necklaces are normally sixteen inches in length (but can vary from 17 to 19 inches) and fall below the hollow of the neck. They work beautifully when paired with a charming pendant.

A matinee necklace is longer than the princess, and hits the top of the bust. This necklace also works well with jewel and boat necklines, or a gown with a lower neckline. It would be best to try this type of necklace on with your dress because you do not want the bottom of the necklace to touch the top of the neckline of your gown. This is a good choice for casual affairs.

Opera or lariat necklaces are the queens of all necklaces and are perfect for high collar necklines. Dripping with elegance and sensuously sexy, these necklaces are refined and can be worn in a multitude of ways. However, these are often not a good choice for wedding gowns and bridesmaid dresses.


If you are considering wearing your hair up, a simple elegant dangle may work well. However, if you are wearing a tiara or elaborate hair accessories, wear small studs; a larger earring will detract from your headpiece. Additionally if you are wearing a veil, small earrings are almost certainly mandatory. Imagine having your veil moved back, only for it to be caught in your earrings!

Other things to consider when selecting your wedding jewelry:

o Button earrings will accentuate a round, full face.

o Dangle earrings will widen a narrow face.

o Square earrings will add depth to a long face.

o If you are wearing a necklace, complement your earrings to your necklace.

o Keep your earrings simple if your necklace is elaborate.

o Bracelets can be worn with sleeveless, short sleeve and three-quarter sleeve gowns. If you are planning on also wearing gloves, wearing a bracelet may be uncomfortable.

o A watch can be worn if it is a family heirloom, but usually, watches are not appropriate for brides or bridesmaids.

Types of Bridal Jewelry

For centuries, brides have worn pearls as symbols of purity and beauty. In ancient Rome, pearls were important symbols o wealth and social standing. In ancient Greece, pearls were associated with love, marriage and beauty.

Today’s modern brides often select pearl, diamond, faux diamond, and crystal or gemstone jewelry. Whatever you select, make sure your jewelry does not overpower but compliments your gown. White wedding dresses work best with silver tone settings, ivory dresses work best with gold tone settings. Of course, though this is your wedding day, and rules are meant to be broken. Whatever jewelry you select – make sure it is what makes you feel the most special on your day.

Handcrafted Jewelry – Imparting the ‘Special’ Touch

The desire to stand out in the crowd is common to everyone. This is not unusual, as we all love to be admired and talked about, thus providing reason enough for the growing obsession of things that promise to be unique or different. You might have a pleasing personality and good brains; but it’s more important to let the whole world appreciate your qualities. Always remember, appeal originates through sight. Herein lies the necessity of creating your own style statement.

It’s not just the clothes that contribute to your style. In fact, they must be teemed with proper accessories for that killer look! Apart from shoes, bags, or watches, it’s the kind of jewelry put on that makes or mars your appearance. The perfect accessory for any occasion, jewelry, highlights any outfit. Gone are the days when jewelry was considered the sole possession of women. Men too have shown great affinity for these decorative pieces and are now worn by many to create that ultimate fashion statement. Commonly observed, it seems that the great demand for jewelry across the world has led to the abundance of duplicate or imitative designs and products. Tennis bracelets, pearl necklaces, solitaire earrings- these are possessed almost by everyone. Even the fashion jewelry and costume jewelry sold in the shopping malls are losing their uniqueness on account of being sold on retail. The solution then lies hunting for the right place for your unique jewelry piece.

The best places to look for some truly unique jewelry, especially the handcrafted ones, are antique stores or your grandma’s collection. It might sound a weird notion initially, but these antique pieces hold the promise to set you apart from the rest. Handcrafted jewelry is an artistic creation, where every jewelry item is individually crafted to lend the essential uniqueness for which the product is valued. Handcrafted jewelry is designed as per the changing trends and lifestyles of the contemporary world. These ornamental pieces come in a wide range of designs, catering to the tastes of the buyers who generally prefer to pair them with both formal and informal outfits. Earthy woods, textured brass, semi-precious gems, gold, silver, brilliant crystals, or unusual elements are used to craft some of the most stunning designs.

An essential thing to remember while buying handcrafted jewelry is its theme and style. If you are a person who loves dressing formally, then colorful gemstones, precious or semi-precious stones would be the plausible choice. However, for the younger and the hip lot, trying out new styles would just do the trick. For instance, it would be a great idea to experiment with handcrafted Bohemian style jewelry. Use of simple material with bold designs would definitely help to create a free-spirited funky appearance. Another unique handcrafted jewelry style is the poetry engraved jewelry, where beautiful poetic lines are engraved on gold and platinum. These handcrafted jewelry items are ideal for all ages and are especially preferable for informal costumes.

So give up your common fashion jewelry this season to try out the chic and trendy handcrafted jewelry The mixing of different styles, in combination with the artist’s vision and creativity, makes every jewelry item one of a kind.